Digital Identities

Design and Uses

A project of the Centre for Internet and Society, India
Supported by Omidyar Network India

Podcast: Use of Design Methodology and Policy Insights

January 20, 2021

Written by Saumyaa Naidu,
Yesha Paul, and Shruti Trikanad

Our work on the Digital Identities project was recently featured in In Flux, a podcast by the Centre for Internet and Society. The two-part episode called, ‘Identity by Design’, and ‘Digital Identity’ focuses on the design methodologies applied, and the legal and policy insights in the project. In the first part, we spoke about the use of design at a conceptual stage in the Digital Identities project. We discussed the advantages of employing various design research methods and critical thinking in the project. Our experience and learnings from applying systems thinking in the digital ID systems in different countries was also explored, allowing us an opportunity to re-evaluate our work and plan further. The border aspects of implementing design approaches in policy research were brought up as well, which led to understanding the limitations in the design process and education in the present time.

In the second part, we explored the legal and policy questions around the conceptualisation, implementation and impact of national digital ID programmes. We touched upon the different actors and interests at play in the push for digital ID, the differences that we observed in their implementation in different parts of the world, and how this has played out during the COVID-19 pandemic. We discussed the fundamental conflict between digital ID and the right to privacy, as well as its potential for surveillance and a chilling effect on other fundamental rights. Our observations led us to our Evaluation Framework for Digital Identities, through which we seek to determine the legitimacy of any use of digital ID through three tests - rule of law tests, rights-based tests, and risk-based tests.

Ep. 10: Identity by Design

Hosted by Pranav M B

Guests: Pooja Saxena, and Saumyaa Naidu

Edited and produced by: Pranav M B, and Torsha Sarkar

Opening Music: 'Fish Attack' by Alpha Hydrae

Credits Music: 'Pallete dhuiles' by Cuicuitte

Ep. 11: Digital Identity

Hosted by Shweta Mohandas, and Arindrajit Basu

Guests: Shruti Trikanad, and Yesha Paul

Edited and produced by: Torsha Sarkar

Opening Music: 'Fish Attack' by Alpha Hydrae

Credits Music: 'Pallete dhuiles' by Cuicuitte